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Third Wednesday
At the Huntington
Huntington Library Classes
Nan Rae Teacher
Second Wednesday is landscape
at my studio.
Nan Rae Fine Art
    May 12 & May 26- My Studio
  May 16th- Huntington

    June 16 & June 30- My Studio
  June 20th- Huntington

Chinese Brush Painting

Nan Rae Chinese Brush Lessons
Saturday Studio Classes
Nan Rae Chinese Brush supplies Nan Rae Chinese Brush Classes
Monthly Classes
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Saturday 11:00 till 3:00.
Next Studio Class:
May 12th

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Nan Rae Chinese Brush
My students demonstrating at the Huntington 2010 Chinese New Year open house.

How to Mount Your Art

The Ch'i of the Brush Nan Rae Chi of the Brush Book

by Nan Rae
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Classes with Nan Rae

at Huntington Library - San Marino, California
and my Studio

Brush painting is a magnificent experience that can be learned under the guidance of Nan Rae; previous experience is not required. Brushes and supplies are provided for class use.

In all sessions, Nan will have you producing your first painting at your first workshop.  Each student gets plenty of personal attention and printed lessons help you practice at home. You'll learn to paint like a true literati.

Nan Rae teaches the rapid, oriental brush strokes that enable you to capture a sweep of pure and energized freedom in a contemporary, robust and exhilarating form.

Class at the Huntington

Third Wednesday of each Month.
New students join the workshop every month and the subject is flowers. It is not important to start at a particular class. Each meeting is independent with a new subjects and skills.

We start at 11:00 and end at 3:00 with a break for a brown bag lunch. Parking for students is free. The cost of a workshop is $50 and that includes in-class supplies.

Studio Classes

Two Saturday classes are held each month.
Both Saturdays are the same lesson. This schedule helps keep class size smaller. Dates are in the left column above.

Second Wednesday
There is also a class the second Wednesday of the Month; the class subject is Landscape painting.

Easy street parking at my studio. Class fee is $50; in-class supplies are included. Just bring your lunch.

Calligraphy Class enrollment is now open.(top of page)
Here is Video of some of the past excitment with instructor Tom Chow.
Play Video Calligraphy Class Video - 2010 Year of the Tiger
Play Video Calligraphy Class Video - Zen Calligraphy

Other Recent Classes

Shumei Arts Council Sponsored Demo
June 22, 2014

Sunland Tujunga Art Association Demo
May 8th

Can't Attend a Class? - Class Lessons are available by mail.
along with Brush Painting Supplies

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Calligraphy Class
Calligraphy Class
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Class at Nickelodeon Nan Rae at Nickelodeon
Wonderful artists!

Studio Classes Nan Rae Studio classes
Class at work

Nan Rae students of Chinese Brush
Class in Pasadena

Nan Rae Chinese Brush supplies
Studio toward entrance
Nan Rae Chinese Brush classes
Chinese Brush art supplies
Studio Entrance

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