Nan Rae Art 15-13 Nan Rae Art

"An expert in Brush Painting, her works,
from her Paris experience,
sing with the joy of Impressionism."

Nan Rae's brush painting combines the grace of the Literati style
with an impressionist approach to color.

The Literati style seeks to transcend the mere representation,
of a subject to capture its ch'i, or life force, by using a
minimum of brush strokes for maximum effect.

No sketches are prepared and no models are used.
The artist paints with rapid, intuitive movements of the brush
that convey a "mind image" of the subject.

Sumi-e, Japanese painting,
came from the influence of Chinese Brush;
the techniques, brushes and paints are the same.

For YouTube Studio Visit and Painting
Demonstration Videos - Click HERE

Nan Rae Art was the logo for the historic 2008 NY Philharmonic trip
to China and North Korean.

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