Nan Rae
Artist Set

Perfect for the Brush Painter

As a gift or for yourself, for anyone who has dreamed of exercising their creative abilities, set includes everything to get started in and to learn Brush Painting. High quality brushes, supplies and lessons will be useful for a lifetime. Get a dish of water and go to work! This set contains:
  • The 5 Basic Brushes - first quality and essential brushes
  • Color Dish Set - ceramic dish set with Chinese colors
  • Blossom Pallet - a multi-compartment mixing dish
  • Ink - a small bottle of Ink
  • Felt - it goes under the paper.
  • Paper - three sheets of floral paper (tear each into 8 pieces)
  • 4 Gentlemen - the four 'essential subjects' lessons
  • The Ch'i of the Brush - Getting started and lessons book
Individual details & photos are on the Supplies & Lesson pages.
Sent tomorrow by Priority Mail

Set with book is $239.99 plus postage

If you already have 'The Ch'i fo the Brush' order the set without the book.
(You will need the book instructions.)

Complete Set is $204.99 plus postage

Because of size and shape, these sets ship only by USPS Priority Mail.

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